TV drama series in 8 episodes

TV series


1 season
8 episodes


In development


Jette Volland

The Story

2051 is a parable of our western society and its ignorance and indifference to the future of our planet.

Climate change forces millions of Europeans and North Americans to seek refuge in Africa and South America. We get to experience different stories: a pregnant young woman who flees from Europe to Africa to bring her children to safety; a pan-African politician who wants to raise Africa to a new economic power with any means at her disposal; a US cop with Asperger’s who is still patrolling the destroyed streets of Miami to ensure law and order; a 17-year-old who struggles for survival in the destroyed, anarchistic Berlin and meets a 16-year-old girl from the completely isolated China on the internet. They are all inseparably linked to the fight for a new, better world.

More details and series bible/treatment on request: hello@juniqueproductions.com